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Join the Community!


Join the Community!


About Creative CoLAB

About Creative CoLAB


Creative CoLAB is an exclusive learning experience that provides entrepreneurs and creatives with the opportunity to accomplish more in a co-working community than individually. We are a members only community and online institute with an intensive curriculum that teaches entrepreneurs how to shift their creative mindset and get to the next level in business. Member will learn how to build a successful and profitable business as well as how to make your business your new 9 to 5.

 Creative CoLAB creates a synergy that produces grand results for businesses and brands by working individually and collectively in a collaborative environment.

"You can not reach and exceed your fullest potential in entrepreneurship alone."

I invite you to be a part of our exclusive members only community dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow within their respective brands through my intensive curriculum of monthly worklabs, digital products, co-working sessions, book study club, creative mastermind sessions, live chat discussions, live office hours, accountability groups, and retreats.

This value-added experience provides all members with access to our global network and directory filled with talented, creative, supportive and like-minded individuals  

Members will learn the essential tools and strategies needed to elevate their brands as well as the power of creative unity.

Whether you are a current, aspiring, or thriving entrepreneur, Creative CoLAB will provide you with a life changing growth experience for your business and creative mindset.


I was so lucky to find Chatoya and her Creative Colab Community at the moment I did —right when I was about to launch my business, I immediately gravitated towards this group to look for support and ideas on how to run a business since being a “creative” usually also means that the typical “business” aspects such as planning and finances can be pretty daunting and, for me, definitely don’t come easy. I have been able to utilize several of the tools as well as join in the last Finance summit which was really helpful. The speakers were not only inspiring but also offered easy, digestible information that I was able to implement right away without having to feel like I needed to hire an expert. I am so excited to be a part of this growing creative community and not only use the advice and tools provided but to contribute to others who are on the same entrepreneurial path so we can empower each others and succeed together. Thank you for creating this!
— xo, Wholeheartedly, Tiffany


After working my 9 to 5 everyday I was so eager to work on my business, but I struggled to surround myself with like-minded individuals during late nights and the wee hours of the morning. I remembered that while in college I was able to remain focus and achieve a consistent high level of productivity because I always had a study buddy.

I had someone who was just as motivated as I was to become successful.

I had someone who held me accountable.

I had someone who helped me apply the principles I struggled to understand and retain and I helped them in the areas where they struggled.

We had a mutually beneficial relationship. My success was their success. I wish I had that in my entrepreneurship journey.

I wish there was a community that helped entrepreneurs connect with like-minded, success hungry, and ambitious individuals all over the world. I wish I had access to a go to entrepreneurial directory or affordable entrepreneurial academy. I am all for investing in my business, but starting out I honestly didn’t have $10k to invest in curriculums.

I wish I had access to an online platform where entrepreneurs could hold each other accountable for their goals, plans, and ideas. I wanted to be a part of a community where entrepreneurs could grown amongst each other, learn from each others mistakes and experiences, and grow collectively throughout our entrepreneurial journey 365 days a year without limited time constraints.

Although there may have been individual brands that encompassed all of these business aspects, there wasn’t one that included them all. I got tired of wishing & wanting and decided to start creating. So I decided to combine all the missing pieces and create an ultimate go to platform, Creative CoLAB.

We are here to push you to higher heights and exceed the expectations you've set out for your success journey. As a community, it is my goal to break glass ceilings because I don’t believe that ceilings exist in success. You can go as high as you can soar. We will eliminate the stereotypes that women can not work together and leap over every barrier placed on our path.



Tips, tools, and resources at your fingertips to help you throughout your success journey. 


An intensive curriculum that teaches you how to build a successful and profitable business and how to make your business your new 9 to 5.


Digital Products, Planning Kits, Book, and Worksheets to help take your business to the next level.


Who Can Join?

Who Can Join?

Creative CoLAB, an exclusive virtual membership community and online institute for entrepreneurs and creatives. Individuals have the opportunity to learn, grow, and share ideas and learning experiences while being a part of a collaborative and supportive community. We invite all who are ready to create the life they desire to live.


- monthly virtual worklabs

- intensive curriculum

- live office hours

- digital products

- book study club

- live chat discussions

- creative mastermind sessions

- creative coworking

- accountability groups

- global network

- retreats


  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start a business, but don’t know where to start.

  • Need guidance on executing your vision.

  • Want to learn how to get more done in less time. 

  • Lack the tools and strategies to yield 6 and 7 figure profits.

  • Current and seasoned entrepreneurs who need to reassess their success plan and implement new strategies to take their business to the next level.

  • Need assistance in creating systems and multiple streams of revenue to scale your business.

  • Want to identify your target audience and grow your email list.

  • Entrepreneurs seeking actionable steps and result based solutions for their businesses.

  • Creatives seeking support of other entrepreneurs and a need to secure partnerships.

  • Entrepreneurs who are ready to set intentional goals that produce real and impactful results.

  • Individuals looking to shift their creative mindset and be pushed beyond their creative limits. 

  • Need help creating attainable action plans  


You can only succeed if you change your mindset, remove the limitations you’ve placed on your success, and simply stop dreaming and start doing! A plan requires execution in order for it evolve. Hoping and wishing that you’ll someday be a successful business owner will not take you very far. However, if you increase your faith, confidence, and knowledge, you have already taken the first step to planting your seed for a successful future.

Success can not be achieved overnight, but I can help jumpstart your journey to get there faster.
— Chatoya Antwine

What to Expect?

What to Expect?


Creative CoLAB is an online space where productivity evolves. If you need a study buddy, accountability partner, motivation, or proven strategies to take your business to the next level, this is the space for you. Creative CoLAB encourages creative collective brainstorming, collaboration, peer-to-peer learning, growth, and the creation of partnerships all while working toward accomplishing your goals. It’s more than coworking and synergy, it’s a supportive and resourceful community.

So what can you do for you...INVEST in YOU!

Collaboration is Key.jpg

Collaboration is Key

Collaboration is Key


Many people think that it is impossible to partner and support other entrepreneurs without dimming their light to success. Some fear the thought of sharing ideas and knowledge because they may see others as competitors. We have to be mindful that there is enough opportunity and success in this world for ALL of us to win. What’s meant for you is for you and no once can ever do anything to prevent you from receiving what's already yours.

We can accomplish so much more in life by working together and utilizing each other as a resource.  So let’s remove the word 'impossible' from our vocabulary and break the barriers that are preventing us from reaching our maximum potential.


Whenever the spirit of teamwork is the dominating influence in business or industry, success is inevitable.
— Napoleon Hill
Turning the impossible to extraordinary.jpg

Turning the Impossible to Extraordinary

Turning the Impossible to Extraordinary


Creative CoLAB isn’t your average coworking community or membership program. We are here virtually 365 days of the year, day and night, curating organic content,  intense curriculums, providing tools to help you succeed, sharing strategies for you to implement, and serving as a supportive resource for your future endeavors. We are continuously creating an inspiring and motivating environment designed to ignite you and your brand.






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